Kids Eczema and Asthma
Allergy - Psoriasis and Rash

Kids With Eczema And The Incidence Of Asthma Disputed

High Links Between Kids With Eczema And The Incidence Of Asthma Disputed Earlier research had suggested that kids with eczema invariably go on to develop asthma. It seems that the findings has been disputed according to a new study, as Read more…

Eczema Prevention Tips
Treatment and Medication

3 Super Tips to Prevent Eczema Outbreak

Since there is no cure for eczema, treatment usually involves preventative measures. This means discovering ways to avoid triggers that may result in an eczema outbreak and ways to manage or alleviate various resulting symptoms. 1. Prevent eczema by moisturizing Read more…

eczema diet
Detox and Diet

Eczema Diet for The Winter

You make all sorts of lifestyle adjustments, including diets, with the course of the seasons; for those with health conditions like eczema, your diet in summer may differ from your eczema diet for the winter. In terms of the climate, Read more…

Eczema Herpeticum
Cause Facts and Symptoms

Eczema Herpeticum

Eczema for the most part is not life threatening. Sure it can be irritating and can rob you of a good quality of life but it won’t cause you death directly. However, your eczema can become harmful when it becomes Read more…

Phototherapy For Eczema
Treatment and Medication

Phototherapy for Eczema

Phototherapy for eczema is a new type of treatment that you may feel tempted to try. There are several different types of phototherapy available. Through this therapy, a narrow band of UV light is used to replicate the good properties Read more…

Symptoms of eczema
Cause Facts and Symptoms

Eczema Skin Symptoms

Eczema skin symptoms show an inflammation of the skin which is usually accompanied by intense itching and possible infection. The itchy skin symptom of eczema is the major condition of atopic dermatitis. An eczema sufferer finds it difficult to stop Read more…

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