EczemAveblogs | Some of the most common allergens known to contribute towards eczema are dairy products.

Luckily, nowadays there are a lot of alternatives, so if you think yours or your child’s eczema is being made worse by milk and dairy products, you won’t have to go without. It is just a case of getting into a routine, avoiding dairy ingredients and replacing them with things you can eat.

Simple diet and cooking things from scratch is always best, because you’ll be sure that there are no hidden dairy ingredients lurking in whatever you are eating. But as this is not always convenient, you can still shop in your local supermarket and successfully avoid dairy products, if you check the labels on food and know what you are looking for.

Things to watch out for on food labels and avoid as they are other names for dairy:

Dairy alternatives you can enjoy:

  • Goat or sheep milk – be careful with these as if you are allergic to dairy, you may well not be able to tolerate these either.
  • Soy milk – most widely available dairy alternative.
  • Almond milk – again, be careful that you are not allergic to nuts before you use this milk.
  • Rice milk – doesn’t usually produce an allergic reaction.
  • Oat milk – should be OK to use, as long as you are not allergic to gluten.

    As always, the lists are not exhaustive and you need to use your own common sense and possibly see a health professional, if you are thinking about making major changes to your diet.

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