These are some points that I gather from researching via the web on difference between eczema and psoriasis:

  1. Eczema is term coined from the Greek word ekzein meaning “to boil out”.
    Psoriasis is also Greek in origin. It is derived from the word psoera which means “to itch”.
  2. A survey states that Eczema affects 20% of children in UK and US and a mere 5% of adults in the same countries. Psoriasis affects around 3% of adult population in US and UK. It rarely affects children.
  3. Environmental irritants like detergents perfumes and hair colorants trigger eczema. Whereas Psoriasis has a strong genetic component associated with it.
  4. Eczema is characterised by dry and highly itchy skin with some what raised spots that look like small blisters. If eczema is so acute then the symptoms may include crusted-over injuries. Psoriasis is characterized by reddened, rough, raised and some what itchy skin that was covered with silvery whitish scaly flakes. Under the flakes the skin bleeds.
  5. Psoriasis affects joints and cause arthritis like symptoms. Eczema is less severe.
  6. People with eczema normally have high levels of antibodies in their blood. This is due to the allergic reaction. Eczema affected people normally do not have sufficient amount of stomach acid, the main reason behind food allergies. People with psoriasis invariably have elevated levels of polyamine. This is an undesirable amino acid which is toxic in nature and produced during insufficient protein digestion. This is yet another cause of food sensitivities.
eczema and psoriasis

Differences between eczema and psoriasis.

Eczema and psoriasis are related, because of the fact that a particular form of eczema is psoriasisforme and that psoriasis can be eczematoid.

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