Emu oil for eczema pain relief is becoming extremely popular. Eczema is a serious skin disease, which is practically very difficult to treat and cure. More recently, there are many that claim that emu oil for eczema actually appears to work. The peculiarities in the structural and ingredient properties of emu oil, makes it a suitable remedy for eczema. Now, emu oil for eczema pain relief is widely touted is rated as one among the top remedies for eczema.

Emu oil is made from the fat of a bird called emu, a native bird of Australia. Australian aborigines had been harnessing the medicinal properties of Emu oil for different purposes, for more than forty thousand years. However, it was not accepted by the scientific crowd in the beginning years of the century. Only after the detailed structural elucidation of the emu oil were the medicinal properties accepted.

Eczema is a skin disease, characteristic with reddened rashes, irritation and itching. One finding of people with eczema is the absence of unsaturated fatty acids in their bodies. The structural profile of emu oil shows that it contains 70 % unsaturated fatty acids, of which 20% is linoleic fatty acid, a proven skin nourishment. This makes emu oil for eczema effective as it provides the missing ingredients for good and healthy skin.

In addition, emu oil has many other significant properties. Emu oil is potentially bacteriostatic, which help to relieve the irritancy in the eczema symptoms. The triglyceride nature of the emu oil resembles the structural profile of the human skin, making it easier for effective skin penetration.

The anti-clogging nature of emu oil helps the skin to soak up the nutrients effectively. It adds plenty of nourishment to the skin and helps the skin maintain luster. The hypoallergenic nature and phospholipid absence makes it suitable for topical application in all types of skin. Now, there are many emu oil products made for eczema pain relief.

Emu Oil for Eczema Pain

In eczema patients, emu oil can be used as directly applied on the diseased skin portion. If preferred, people can protect the area using a gauze cloth, or cover the area with Emu oil immersed bandage.

The emu oil application can be repeated twice or thrice daily, according to the severity of eczema. In addition, patients can use emu oil based soaps and lotions to clean the irritants and allergens. Those who have reported success with emu oil claimed that they experienced considerable alleviation in eczema within a period of three weeks.

However, be warned. Not all emu oil for eczema pain relief works! Apparently, only certified emu oil products can deliver the medicinal results. The medicinal emu oil is prepared, only from specially nurtured emu, free from diseases. The oil is also best prepared from flesh of 3 to 4 year old Emu birds, through a systematic processing procedure.

Emu oil has been shown to be effective for all types of eczema such as atopic eczema, allergic contact eczema, irritant contact eczema, infantile seborrhoeic eczema, adult seborrhoeic eczema, varicose eczema, and discoid eczema. Based on all the above mentioned research, emu oil for eczema, as a natural and non-drug treatment, is definitely worth exploring.

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