True Story from Friend with Eczema

“During the day, my skin does not itch as much. It is in the night that my eczema skin gets really irritated.

The current treatment that I am undergoing now with my eczema has meant that I will wake up several times a night due to the intense itch. This has caused me to lose sleep by over a month now. Initially, it was really bad. I woke up once every other hour. This translates to waking up about 3 times every night. Each time I woke up, I took about another 2 hours to fall asleep.

The intense itching at night caused me much distress. My neck will be inflammed, as will be my legs and hands. I know now what eczema pains are like. The pains were so severe that they were like a tight rope around my neck. I felt strangled. The itch was so bad that I felt a high level of stress as I tried to scratch my neck and hoping fervently, but to no avail, that the pain will subside.

I have also had a history of insomnia. Perhaps that is why I took so much to get back to sleep again. However, with exhaustion from itch that lasts for more than an hour, I will finally get back to sleep until the next eczema attack.

Emu oil to fight eczema attacks at night

Emu oil to fight eczema attacks at night.

After six weeks of emu oil treatment, my sleep got better. Itching in the night still wakes me up but that has reduced to about 2 times a night. I also took less time to fall asleep.”

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