If you are like Bree’s character in the popular TV show Desperate Housewives, you may obsess over cleanliness. However, recent research say that excessive washing with abrasive soaps and harsh products worsen eczema. This is a finding from a recent issue of the journal Trends in Immunology.

Excessive Washing Blamed For Worsening Eczema And Other Allergies

Research conducted at University College London’s Institute of Child Health says that excessive washing with abrasive soaps and skin care products could be to blame for an increase in incidence of allergic diseases such as eczema. Strong soaps, exultant beauty skin care and biological washing powders are all strong enough to strip away the skin’s protective outer layer. This allows allergens to penetrate the skin. Those particles are then carried by Langerhans cells, which are found in the epidermis, to local lymph nodes of the immune system. They induce an allergic response that results in eczema or other allergic.

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