A supplement that Dr Liew suggested that I add to my eczema diet is Multi-Flora. He said that it can help in the repair of a leaky gut, which I have. When I went about checking what this supplement is, I found that it is gaining much popularity. Well, it seems that Multi-Flora is a way to keep the digestive system functioning properly by introducing ‘friendly’ bacteria to keep microorganisms and chemicals balanced in the intestines.

Multi Flora Supplements for Eczema Diet Program

Multi-Flora helps maintain intestinal flora by providing probiotics. There are many reasons that digestion is inhibited because of an imbalance in intestinal flora. Antibiotic treatment or other chemical imbalances in the body can result in a disruption of the intestinal tract’s healthy balance. Multi-Flora supplements keeps the digestive system inhabited with healthful bacteria regardless of the stresses placed on it.

Eczema Diet Program

Eczema Diet Program with Multi Flora Supplements

Multi-Flora capsules generally contain the following active ingredients:
• L. Acidophilus and B. Longum containing active Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
• B. Longum, including the naturally occurring metabolic product produced by Lactobacillus and Bitidus.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is called ‘friendly’ bacteria. It is naturally found in the intestines and vagina and helps to inhibit the proliferation of unhealthy microorganisms. By products include lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other chemicals that produce a healthy environment for the ‘friendly’ bacteria and a hostile environment for unhealthy microorganisms. The ‘friendly’ bacteria also place demands on nutrients that would otherwise be available to the other types of microorganisms. It also prevents the overgrowth of fungus causing yeast infections.

The ‘eco system’ in the intestines and vagina is a delicate balance that is improved by a healthy growth of bacteria that keeps fungus and unhealthy bacteria at bay. When a chemical change or course of antibiotics kills off the L. Acidophilus, it needs to be re-colonized. Rather than waiting and hoping that it will happen naturally, many people turn to probiotics to encourage the re-growth of the bacteria.

Also, some people have trouble maintaining the environment in their intestines to promote proper balance. In this case, probiotics may be added as a daily dietary supplement to support the colony and keep it healthy and strong. By keeping the daily balance of microorganisms in check; a person should see better digestion, increased energy, and an improved function of the immune system.

Inactive ingredients include the ingredients used in the capsules and possibly preservatives and fillers. Make sure that you purchase a product that is made from high quality ingredients. If you are trying to avoid certain foods such as wheat, eggs, dairy, or preservatives; be sure to carefully review the label for inactive ingredients.

Be aware of the quality control procedures of the facility where your supplement is manufactured. Make sure that they test for active ingredient potency, purity, and disintegration. It is also important to know if they do their laboratory quality control testing in a qualified and certified laboratory rather than in someone’s basement with an old piece of analytical equipment. It is important to have viable organisms at the time of manufacture and that packaging and shipment is handled in such a way that you are getting a product that contains viable organisms.

Some research has indicated that 70% to 80% of sample probiotics tested did not contain the organisms claimed on their labels or at the amount claimed. Some tested samples did not even have 10% of the claimed number of organisms represented through advertising and labeling. A probiotic is not effective unless the proper strain is present in the correct amount and in condition for it to propagate within the digestive tract.

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