Phototherapy for eczema is a new type of treatment that you may feel tempted to try. There are several different types of phototherapy available. Through this therapy, a narrow band of UV light is used to replicate the good properties that are found within natural sunlight. It is also used in small dosages, which is also better for you.

Phototherapy is based upon sunlight therapy, which has been used for centuries to treat numerous types of skin diseases and skin care. Exact benefits of phototherapy can vary from person to person. In cases of severe atopic dermatitis, phototherapy has been found to be effective in 80% in one German study. Phototherapy is also excellent in preventing bacterial infections, a common occurrence of those with atopic dermatitis. Your doctor may recommend this as a complementary measure and can significantly reduce your reliance on topical corticosteroids.

You should know that phototherapy for eczema is not entirely safe. There are certain risks to using this eczema treatment. While phototherapy can significantly improve your skin and even completely clear atopic dermatitis, UV light can cause skin cancer or prematurely age your skin. Hence, this procedure is not for everyone and needs to be prescribed on a case by case basis upon examination by your dermatologist. It can also cause some short term dryness of your skin, in which case, your dermatologist will suggest a suitable moisturizer for you to use.

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